Because different styles of antennas work better in different circumstances, AntennaTech stocks and carries a range of antennas which will work for the transmitters located between Bunbury and Augusta. The three brands we're currently installing are Kingray, Hills and Odrock. AntennaTech supports all of these antennas with a 4 year replacement warranty.


VAST is Australia's free to air satellite system which was introduced in Western Australia in 2012. VAST satellite set top boxes/decoders are designed for
(a) travellers (caravans)
(b) people who cannot get adequate tv reception through a normal TV antenna.
There is an application/activation/eligibility process that must be followed before you're able to get/watch free to air tv through a satellite system.

To check whether you're eligible to receive VAST, go to and type your address into the 'Get Info' bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, call us and we'll check for you - all prices quoted in our 'Pricelist' section include us doing this process for you.

Our satellite systems use high quality parts that are designed to last and work reliably in all but the very worst weather (and often even still in the worst weather !)

Starlink is Elon Musks new satellite internet system which has been up and running in Western Australia since early 2022. Starlink is relatively expensive - $1000 to $1500 to buy / install all the equipment, and then $139/month for (unlimited) internet access - but it is fast ! Customers regularly get speeds of 180 + MBPS.  Once you've bought the Starlink dish, cables and router, AntennaTech can easily install the system permanently on your roof. 
We generally use our own satellite bracket and mast (the one you get from Starlink is not really suitable for permanent installations) and we provide our own adaptors to connect the Starlink dish to these masts. 

We have a lot of experience at installing, or faultfinding and repairing antenna systems on caravans.
We also install Automatic satellite systems on caravans and motorhomes, mostly using high quality, super reliable Autosat systems from Germany.
On boats we have recently been installing GME omni directional marine TV antennas and getting very good results

AntennaTech has been involved in installing and repairing all kinds of larger TV, Foxtel and commercial Audio systems in apartments, hotels, resorts, pubs, etc for 20 + years.
Any Builder, Corporate body, Hotel/Resort manager that is looking at getting one of these systems installed or repaired, feel free to contact us for more info.

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