Typical Pricing: some prices will vary depending on individual circumstances; quality of TV reception in area, difficulty of access to ceiling spaces, roofs etc. however, the prices below are a reflection of the prices we charge for our services at least 80% of the time

 Service call (incl. first 30 min labour):  $110.00
Extra labour (after service call):  $100.00/HR

Replacement Antenna
1: Swap existing antenna for new antenna only: $250.00

Good reception area: $350.00 (total cost)
(where TV points have been installed by electrician and cables have been run into common area in ceiling). includes: supply/install antenna, bracket, cable from antenna to ceiling, splitter box (up to 4 way - for 4x TV points)

Single storey houses: $220.00 (total cost)
includes splitter box (up to 4 way), cable from splitter to point, wall plate, lead to TV and TV tune - Single storey houses

Supply/install/activate VAST set top box: $390.00 (total cost)
Supply/install whole VAST satellite system: $950.00 (total cost)
includes: 85cm dish, LNB, mounting bracket, cable from dish to TV point, VAST digital high definition satellite decoder connected to your TV

Supply/install: typical price $560 (total cost)
Includes permanent satellite bracket and adaptor for Starlink dish, cable run to router location

Autosat automatic satellite system: $5750.00 (total cost)
German Autosats are by far the best and most reliable automatic satellite system for caravans and motorhomes - hence they offer a 5 year warranty! Price includes: Full Autosat system with 1x Satking VAST decoder installed; NOTE: some installations may require the additional service of an auto electrician to add extra 12 volt circuits/lines, etc
Manual 'travellers' satellite system: $900.00 (total cost)
includes: 80 cm dish, tripod, LNB, 20 meters coax cable, through plug in side of van, 1x Satking VAST satellite decoder, 1x super easy to use satellite finder - plus an extensive lesson in how to point the dish and how to use the system

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