Starlink is Elon Musks new satellite internet system which has been up and running in Western Australia since early 2022. Starlink is relatively expensive - $1000 to $1500 to buy / install all the equipment, and then $139/month for (unlimited) internet access - but it is fast ! Customers regularly get speeds of 180 + MBPS.  Once you've bought the Starlink dish, cables and router, AntennaTech can easily install the system permanently on your roof. We generally use our own satellite bracket and mast (the one you get from Starlink is not really suitable for permanent installations) and we provide our own adaptors to connect the Starlink dish to these masts. 
Prices vary, but a typical installation (including satellite bracket, adaptor and all labour) is usually between $380-$480 depending on how difficult (or easy) it is to run the cable from the dish to the router
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